Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is NutLiquor™?

A. NutLiquor™ is a 69-Proof (34.5% ABV) peanut butter vodka produced by Pandora Spirits LLC. located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Q. What does it taste like?

A. Drinking NutLiquor™ is like drinking the center of a peanut butter cup. Peanut butter smell, creamy texture, a little warmth going down, and a lingering peanut butter cup after-taste. Delicious!

Q. Peanut butter vodka? It sounds strange!

A. Peanut butter vodka only sounds odd because it has never been done before! Think of it as drinking the center of a peanut butter cup. You'll LOVE NutLiquor™!

Q. Do you have any flavors other than peanut butter?

A. Right this very minute we only have peanut butter but are working on new flavors that you can't get anywhere else. Keep an eye out for NutLiquor™'s next
NUTTY flavors!

Q. I HATE YOU! NutLiquor™ sounds FANTASTIC but I have peanut allergies!

A. We love peanut butter and we sort of thought that people with peanut allergies were missing out, so we developed a formula that contains no peanut allergens. ENJOY!

Q. Where can I buy NutLiquor™?

A. NutLiquor™ availability is growing daily. We are working on nailing down exact locations but in the meanwhile visit your local bar/club/restaurant/liquor store and ask them to carry it if they don't already!

Q. Who are the masterminds behind NutLiquor™?

A. We are Pandora Spirits LLC., a two person company (Rich and Karen) located in Cleveland, Ohio. We have been lucky enough to have built a great team to back us up!

For Wholesale/Media Inquires please contact Pearson and Pearson at 419-855-6080

All Other Inquires please use our form on our CONTACT US page.

Q. I've had flavored vodka before. How does NutLiquor™ compare?

A. Unlike many other flavored vodkas, NutLiquor™ is blended to be enjoyed neat, giving you all of the great peanut butter taste with no "rubbing alcohol" taste or harshness. It's great mixed (see our RECIPES page) but it doesn't have that "bite" that requires most flavored vodkas to be mixed.